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Kybella Fat Reduction

Kybella Fat Reduction

Posted by medicalspa on Dec 14, 2018

Remove that Turkey Neck in Time for Family Holiday Events and Photos

Certain trouble spots seem to always come to light at the most inappropriate times. Camera angles are often to blame in unflattering photos, but it may not simply be a matter of the wrong lighting or not being captured on your good side. A double chin is among the most unflattering issues that people contend with, but if you are among the many who have regularly deleted photos or hidden from the camera due to this issue, you are not alone and there is help on the horizon. Turn to Kybella Fat Reduction this holiday season before the family comes together for the ceremonial picture and look better than ever to those relatives you only see once a year. Get rid of that turkey neck in time for the family holiday events and photos through Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Kybella fat reduction is a simple procedure in which deoxycholic acid is injected into the skin beneath the chin. This form of acid is not harmful to the body, but rather melts away fat cells specifically in the chin area. Over time, the fat is drastically reduced leaving the patient with a smooth and more youthful appearance.

Why Start Now?

The holidays are fast approaching and soon you will be enjoying time with family and friends for the season. Kybella fat reduction does take a bit of time to take full effect, so now is the time to get started. The average patient is given between 2 and 4 sessions before visible results begin to appear. During the session a patient can receive up to 50 injections depending on the severity of the issue. Each session should be given a maximum of 1 month apart, so if you want that youthful appearance your family will envy, the time to start is now.

Risk Factors

As Kybella is applied to a very small area, the risks are generally quite low. Patients that may be sensitive to the injections or have had problems in the past with injectable materials should consult their doctor before and injection is given to determine if any materials might trigger a reaction. It is also recommended that a small area is first treated before a full injection is administered to ensure no possible side effects occur. Kybella has proven to be among the safer procedures, but patients should be aware of possible numbness surrounding the treated area.

Believe Aesthetics

We at Believe Aesthetics believe in beauty throughout the body. We are experienced in giving patients the beauty they have always wanted through our many cosmetic procedures including Keybella fat reduction. If you are among the many seeking to bring your inner beauty to the outside for all to see, contact Believe Aesthetics today. We have the experience you have been looking for and a highly trained staff of wonderful people waiting to make your dreams become your reality. What do you need to feel your ultimate best?