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Laser Vein Removeal Using YAG 1064 Laser

Laser Vein Removeal Using YAG 1064 Laser

Posted by medicalspa on Dec 07, 2018

Remove Unsightly Spider Veins from Face and Legs in Time for Holiday Events and Photos

Do you contend with unsightly spider veins on you face and legs? The Holiday season is fast approaching and this year, do not simply cover up the issue. Remove them completely with laser vein removal from Believe Aesthetics. Get those spider veins out of the way before any Holiday photos are taken or the first party is attended. If you are new to the concept of laser vein removal, here are just some things you need to know about our use of the YAG 1064 Laser.

Is it Safe for Sensitive Skin?

The answer is yes! Our YAG 1064 Laser is safe for sensitive skin as well as all skin types. There is no invasive procedure to contend with and no interactions with chemicals that could potentially be harmful to skin or cause breakouts. It is safe and effective on any skin type and maintains a top rating among patients. All skin types, whether sensitive or not, can enjoy beautiful, vein free skin on their face and legs for a Holiday Season to remember.

Is it Painful?

This is a common questioned asked and the truth is, the design of the YAG 1064 Laser ensures the procedure is pain free. While utilizing a cooling action to increase patient comfort and protect sensitive skin, the laser penetrates deep into the skin without removing any layers of skin as with some lasers, so you feel no pain during the process. We take great care to ensure that all patients at Believe Aesthetics remain comfortable throughout the procedure for a pain free process.


Unlike traditional lasers and invasive procedures, the YAG 1064 Laser offers little disturbance to the surrounding area. Most patients may see a little bruising just around the exposed area, but that merely lasts an average of 5 to 10 days. Sensitive areas around the face may take up to the full 10 days to diminish. As the legs tend to be less sensitive areas, bruising is minimal, so there is little recovery time before your legs look more youthful than ever before.


The results speak for themselves with laser vein removal using YAG 1064 Laser from Believe Aesthetics. Countless happy customers boast beautiful vein free legs and those that have experienced the procedure on their face enjoy the ability to use no makeup on affected areas following the procedure. The licensed technicians at Believe Aesthetics are here to help you look and feel your best with YAG 1064 Laser Vein Removal.

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching, and you know everyone will want to take pictures to remember the many activities involved with this time of year. This year, you do not have shy away from photos or turn to ensure the camera only captures your good side. Let every side be your good side with Laser Vein Removal using YAG 1064 Laser from Believe Aesthetics. Do you look as good as you feel?