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Healing Skin from the Inside Out- Foods and Supplements to Promote Healthy Skin

Healing Skin from the Inside Out- Foods and Supplements to Promote Healthy Skin

Posted by medicalspa on Oct 11, 2018

Known as the largest organ in the human body, skin is important. It is what keeps everything else in place and the first thing people notice about us. Therefore, it is something that should always be kept looking its best. As we age, certain aspects of our skin begins to fade. That youthful vibrance of young healthy skin is often replaced by drab sagging and wrinkled skin that definitely tells our age, but there is hope. Certain foods and supplements have proven to improve the appearance of skin, so if you have been struggling with the appearance of your skin, try these out.

Vitamin C

It is no secret that vitamin C helps boost immunities and can be taken to guard against common cold type ailments, but this vital vitamin also enhances the overall appearance of skin by increasing collagen production. Enhancing collagen production has been shown to hold back the appearance of wrinkles and bring about that youthful appearance we all crave.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is commonly found in many of the foods most people already eat such s milk and eggs, but it is also found in grains and liver as well. The benefit of enhancing your vitamin A intake is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has been shown to reduce acne and dry skin which can be common in adults as well as teens.

Olive Oil

We have all heard of the health benefits of olive oil as most of the components of this ingredient are monounsaturated acids. Consuming more olive oil with your diet has also proven to reduce the signs of aging with few wrinkles and more vibrant looking skin, so it might be time to get rid of other oils you are using and switch primarily to olive oil.


Skin health is more than just about preventing signs of aging. Protection from the sun is important as well. Where most people believe that the only protection from UV rays is a heavy dose of good quality sunscreen or avoiding the sun altogether, the sun can be your friend. If you are a sun lover, it might be time to change your current diet just a little. Tomatoes are a good place to start as increasing your consumption of these versatile fruits (or vegetables depending on who you ask) will help guard your skin from the harmful affects of the sun.

Green Tea

Green tea has been in the news a lot lately and people boast of the many health benefits it possesses. One of the most downplayed benefits of green tea, however, is the fact that it brings much needed oxygen into the skin leading to a smooth appearance and more elasticity.

Skin enhancement begins with the correct diet and getting nutrients into your skin from the inside out, but if you happen to need a bit more help in this area, do not hesitate to contact us at Believe Aesthetics. We have your skins total health in mind at all times. Do you miss that youthful appearance?