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Laser Hair Reduction- Why Fall is the Best Time to Start Your Journey

Laser Hair Reduction- Why Fall is the Best Time to Start Your Journey

Posted by medicalspa on Oct 19, 2018

Hair is a fact of life, but too often, complaints about where hair grows can become a problem. Unusual hair growth can come from life changes, in general, but they do not have to affect your everyday life. Laser hair reduction is the answer for anyone looking to get rid of hair on any part of the body and fall is the ideal time to take advantage of this growing sector of cosmetic procedures. Here are just a few reasons why, you should not put your laser hair reduction off any longer.

Gives You Time

Too many people wait until just before the summer season to prepare their bodies for warmer weather. This can be a negative when it comes to proper laser hair reduction procedures. It can take time to get the results desired from the procedure. Full results can take weeks to see, so meanwhile, the patient will have to continue to shave the area as the hairs begin to fall away. Multiple procedures are required as well, which can take time away from other, busier times of the year. Fall is optimal as it requires less shaving of areas with warmer clothing being an option.

Possible Reactions

Reactions from laser hair reduction procedures are rare, but are a possibility. The most common side effect is sensitivity to light. Bright days of spring and summer seasons can trigger pigment color changes and make skin look splotchy during the time where the hairs will be falling out. Autumn is traditionally, far less bright than other times of the year and there is less risk of adverse reaction due to pigment changes and light exposure.

Trouble with Tanning

When undergoing laser hair reduction, skin must be maintained carefully. As stated previously, overexposure to light is not recommended, so tanning is not an option for patients. Spring is the time you will be preparing your body for the golden tan of summer. Fall makes for the ideal time for laser hair reduction as there is no strain on the inability to tan. You will have time to undergo the procedure and ensure you have the hairless skin you desire before the urge to tan even hits for the season.

Laser hair reduction is not just a trend in society, but a way of life for those who want to get the most beauty from their bodies, without the bother of shaving or waxing to maintain smooth skin. Confidence in one’s appearance is where true beauty exudes from and when you can feel confident in showing off your skin during the summer, or any time of the year, you will truly enjoy life. Preparation for the summer season and warmer months takes time and preparing early in fall gives you all the time necessary. Take the time to examine the unsightly hairs you contend with on a regular basis and see if laser hair reduction is an option for you.  At Believe Aesthetics, we use the safest technology specific for all skin shades and types.  We want to help you look and feel your best, so contact us today and begin your road to true happiness. Are your happy?