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PRF-Stem Cell Hair Restoration- What is it and What Does it Do?

PRF-Stem Cell Hair Restoration- What is it and What Does it Do?

Posted by medicalspa on Sep 15, 2018

A thick head of hair is among the top desires of both men and women the world over. Signs of thinning hair or pattern baldness can often be quite discouraging for both genders and this issue effects at least half of all women and 40% of all men by the age of 35. Of course, these numbers increase with age with approximately 80% of the population experiencing it by age 80. Even though it is a fear, new technologies have been invented recently that make re-growing hair more of an option than ever before. PRF-Stem Cell Hair Restoration is one of these revolutionary technologies.

What is It?

Stem cells are found throughout the body in specific organs and by extracting these cells, new cell rejuvenation becomes possible. EZPRF utilizes a patience’s own cells for as an alternative to synthetic born cells.  The results have proven to produce a full head of hair from your own natural cells and therefore, can be much safer than other, more invasive procedures.

Stem cells have been used in many facets of the medical industry, but it is a newer concept within the cosmetic sector. PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin and is produced by putting blood through a specialized centrifuge. This process enables the natural growth effects of stem cells to take hold and begin to regrow hair.

PRF Stem Cell Process

The original inception of this process was known as PRP which utilized platelets as opposed to fibrin. This process called for additives, where PRF is known for its purely natural properties. Steps for the process merely call for blood to be drawn from the patient. Blood is then spun and the platelet rich fibrin comes to the top of the blood. This solution is then injected into the affected area, usually the scalp on a monthly basis, depending on the needs of the individual patient.

Results of this treatment can be seen as early as the second treatment, but it is recommended that a patient first have 3 or 4 treatments to fully allow the process to adhere to the scalp. After hair growth has begun, it is merely about maintaining what is growing and that calls for at least one treatment each quarter which is highly important to maintain a full, thick head of hair.

Believe Aesthetics

We are the leader in PRF Stem Cell Hair Restoration and we want to prove that to you. Experiencing hair loss is not just something that affects just men or just women, but both genders rather equally. Confidence is what true beauty is all about and when you begin to lose your hair, confidence can quickly slide. PRF Stem Cell Hair Restoration is a natural process that utilizes you own blood tissues, so there are never any issues with adverse reactions. It is safe, effective, and will bring back the confidence you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Is your hair looking a little thin lately?